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May 2016
May 05 2016 02:27
@keff thanks a lot (re: summary displays)
May 05 2016 05:02
if I delete a metadata element (e.g. a text element) or a sub-element (e.g. list/date/etc) within a container, does this delete the table field too? I created an a container with a text sub-element but I don't know where it is in the DB. thanks
May 05 2016 11:18
They're just rows in ca_metadata_elements, referenced by ca_attributes and ca_attribute_values. If you delete an element, all values are deleted too.
May 05 2016 22:01
About a month ago, I mentioned the possibility of putting together a guide on how to create containers via the UI. I finally found sometime to go over and review my original directions to get them to a point where I feel like I can share them. Where should I email the documentation and images?