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May 2016
May 08 2016 16:29
Back again,
May 08 2016 17:08
Back again, providence-develop, as per my earlier post I am now able to upload mapping templates but when I click on the Import Icon I get the following error message - [1605] File type is not supported (File->divineFile() [/var/www/providence-develop/app/lib/core/BaseModel.php:5675] [/var/www/providence-develop/app/lib/core/BaseModel.php:2457] [/var/www/providence-develop/app/lib/core/BaseModelWithAttributes.php:470] [/var/www/providence-develop/app/lib/ca/BundlableLabelableBaseModelWithAttributes.php:244] [/var/www/providence-develop/app/models/ca_data_importers.php:1013] [/var/www/providence-develop/app/controllers/batch/MetadataImportController.php:121] [/var/www/providence-develop/app/lib/core/Controller/RequestDispatcher.php:273] [/var/www/providence-develop/app/lib/core/Controller/AppController.php:112] [/var/www/providence-develop/index.php:114] Templates are the same I used in 1.6 i.e xlxs and the spreadsheet is file to import is on .ods format. The error message appears before I have chosen the file to upload. The mapping templates appear in media/collectiveaccess/workspace. Any advice would be appreciated.
May 08 2016 18:44
Which import icon?