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May 2016
May 09 2016 02:00
@stefankeidel thank you for the explanation
May 09 2016 07:16
When you go to Import Data the screen opens with a list of Mapping templates. On the right hand side of the mapping templates list you have the delete sign and the Icon (the three legged one don't know what you call it) you click on to open the page where you select the file type and file name that you want to upload.
May 09 2016 07:22
I have just checked that this only happens the first time you drag an importer onto the screen and click the icon then the message pops up. If you click the icon a second time there is no message and the next screen appears however choosing the file to upload and the file type and then execute does not import anything. I hope I have explained this clearly.
May 09 2016 14:52
Ok I'll try to reproduce this. I haven't seen this happen before.