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May 2016
May 19 2016 03:51
@collectiveaccess I'm not sure how it was created. I am trying to delete another one right now (container => element) and I cannot delete it. The container is called "conditionInfo" (code) and element is "condition_details". perhaps something someone else created after installation. I'm not sure.
But in any case, does it matter if I created the container myself or it was provided in the default install? perhaps there is data in the element and this data is preventing it from getting deleted? thanks a lot
May 19 2016 04:14
another question please. Is it possible to show artist name on a related object?
I tried ^ca_objects.related.preferred_labels.displayname and ^ca_objects.preferred_labels.displayname on the "relationship display element" in the UI property but it's showing up as blank. can you please show me how to do it? thanks again
May 19 2016 11:05
@mrjayviper Where do you want to do this? On a related objects bundle?
Something like this should work: <unit relativeTo="ca_objects">^ca_entities.preferred_labels.displayname</unit>
As for your problem with the container element: What happens when you try to delete it? Is there a message?