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May 2016
May 20 2016 00:47

@stefankeidel I'll try that. thanks!

@stefankeidel As for deleting a container sub-element, I first get a prompt "Really delete "Legacy condition data"? I then clicked on delete button to confirm. Spinning thing on my browser tab follows for around 2-3 minutes. And then blank screen. No error message at all.

May 20 2016 02:57

Hi, I'm trying to implement a 'movement-based' tracking and according to the wiki, I need to edit app.conf to make it possible. From a basic install of CA (using spectrum profile) I'd would like to know what to change in the app.conf file and another changes required for this the movement tracking to be possible. I've located:

require_valid_id_number_for_ca_movements = 1
require_valid_id_number_for_ca_storage_locations = 1

ca_movements_disable = 0

Movement-based storage location tracking

movement_storage_location_tracking_relationship_type =
movement_object_tracking_relationship_type =
record_movement_information_when_moving_storage_location = 0
movement_storage_location_date_element =

What do I put for these movement settings from a basic profile install.

May 20 2016 05:34

@stefankeidel So I modified what you gave me above and is using this instead:

<unit relativeTo="ca_objects" restrictToRelationshipTypes="artist">^ca_entities.preferred_labels.displayname</unit>
as you can see, I'm trying to restrict the output to show just the artist but it is showing others as well like cataloguer/etc. (hope the annotations I used are enough to explain the issue). I want to restrict it to just artists.
May 20 2016 11:49
You should put the relationship type restriction on the artist, either as an option (something like ^ca_entities.preferred_labels.displayname%restrictToRelationshipTypes=artist) or you could nest another unit
<unit relativeTo="ca_objects">
  <unit relativeTo="ca_entities" restrictToRelationshipTypes="artist">
If there is a white screen that usually means some kind of error or timeout happened. Can you take a look at the server error log? Looking at the MySQL process list while it's hanging could also be helpful to identify the query that's stuck (if any). You can see it by running SHOW PROCESSLIST; or SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST; on a mysql shell.
@tony-rc all these settings to into app.conf
Or your local copy of it