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May 2016
May 31 2016 06:37 UTC
hello again!
data import help: I have some stuff here which I wanna import into movements. These are basically new records since our movements "table" is currently empty. one of the columns on source spreadsheet is the object idno. I want relate the new movement with an existing object.
I have a feeling I need to be using the parent parameter but unsure of this and the other parameters that may be required. Can you please help? thanks
I looked at the different parameters and the best I can come up is this: {"parents":[{"idno":"^my-column-number-here"}]}
May 31 2016 10:48 UTC
@ericwm What version of PHP are you running? I just noticed that a line in MediaViewerManager.php doesn't play nice with PHP 5.5.
It's fine in PHP 5.6 and 7 though
I just committed a change to fix this
@mrjayviper I'm afraid with multipart_id_numbering.conf the entire file needs to be defined when you go local
May 31 2016 10:54 UTC
For data import to movements, the principles are the same was with objects, etc... that is, if you want to relate movements to objects in a movement import mapping, use an object splitter to do so.
Objects are not parents to movements or vice-versa ; it's just a regular relationship
May 31 2016 12:15 UTC
PHP version is 5.5.9 - I will try and upgrade to 5.6 or 7. Thanks for the feedback ,Eric
May 31 2016 15:02 UTC
Ok, upgraded to 5.6 which seems to have solved the problem - up and running again in 1.7dev. Thanks a ton.