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Jun 2016
Jun 02 2016 00:49 UTC
Thanks @gautiermichelin - when i searched from the top screen nothing came up, the search within the lists page comes up with blank entries, that I can click into, but then the entries are unreadable too - . @stefankeidel I've asked the guys about the configuration and apparently nobody has changed anything in the display in app.conf. I think it has happened 3 times since we have been nearing completion of the production server.. and it's always me that can't see it, not our guys working on the backend. Anyway I guess we'll figure it out somehow, will give you an update if anything changes!
Jun 02 2016 01:46 UTC
hello again.
So I have a question in regards to templating storage locations. at the moment, my storage location can have 9 levels max. example: site > building > department > floor > room > area > storage/drawer/shelf > box > others. how do I template it if I just wanna show say site/building/box?
I had a look at the template wiki (, and didn't really see anything specific to storage locations.
Thanks again!
Jun 02 2016 05:53 UTC

Hi there, I'm assisting @jessica-s with the 'Lists & Vocabularies' issue and to me it looks like a bug within the access control interface which assigns the 'List items' rights. I start off by wanting to create a unique sub-admiration (or special admin) access which has similar rights to administration.

Under ACCESS ROLES, I clicking the '+ New Role' for creating a role and entering its name "SAdministrators", I proceed to 'Metadata' tab and check if all the 'List items' ratio buttons are set to 'Read/edit access'. I follow up by using the 'Actions' tab and clicked 'All' under the 'List & vocabulary editing'. I finish by clicking 'Save'. However upon checking the ratio buttons again under Metadata > 'List items' I find they are now all 'No access' as I keep on trying to change them but they stay the same too. Are you experiencing this same problem? As we are using version 1.6.1.

Jun 02 2016 06:18 UTC
@jessica-s okay, let us know. Could be an odd permissions thing too, not sure. This is master-fix, yes?
@mrjayviper take a look at the placeholder options:
There's maxLevelsFromBottom for instance (which for some reason is not in that list but in the example)
Which is kind of what you need I suppose?
@tony-rc Ok, I'll take a look
Jun 02 2016 06:38 UTC
Hmm, not seeing this. Tried with both the latest master-fix and also the v1.6.1 release code. Did you make sure to check all the List/List item options under the "Access" tab?
Also, are you using any other "non-standard" (i.e. disabled by default) access control mechanism? Like, type level or record level?