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Jun 2016
Jun 20 2016 02:45
Try running git pull
Kehan Harman
Jun 20 2016 05:44
Heya - any idea how to return multiple object representations using the SimpleAPI? I've tried: ^ and ^ and other permutations swapping false with 0?
Jun 20 2016 11:44
filterNonPrimaryRepresentations is a <unit> option I believe
Jun 20 2016 13:13
Thanks Stefan, I hope I did this correctly - I had to do git reset --hard and then git pull before it would update (I saved a copy of my original directory) Unfortunately the viewer now seems worse as I don't even see any thumbnails when trying to view a PDF. When I look at my media/collectiveaccess/images file I see my original pdf and and each page converted to a jpeg - when does the actual pdf to text conversion actually take place- is this needed to view the file? would like to see if this is actually working?
Jun 20 2016 16:26
You'll need to reprocess media previews for all multipage (Eg. PDF) media
Jun 20 2016 17:55
I'm trying to remove a number of objects I erroneously entered into CollectiveAccess via the data importer. I'm trying to add these objects to a user set via the "Add Checked to Set" feature on the search results page. When I click "add", however, I get an error message stating "Field 'rank' doesn't have a default value". What's going wrong? (We're running Providence v. 1.5).
Jun 20 2016 18:07
Did you move the database from one server to another at some point?
We've seen cases where some schema information got lost along the way
Usually happens with very old systems that were upgraded from, say, 1.0 or 1.1
It's possible to piece it back together by inserting a plain data dump from the broken database (no schema info) into a new database that has a clean schema from a fresh (in your case v1.5) install
Jun 20 2016 19:03
Thanks. We did recently move the application to a new server. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to discuss the proposed solution, but I'll let you know what comes of it.