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Jun 2016
Jun 22 2016 08:17
Hi, just a quick question: I am a little bit confused about making the import maping for pre-existing objects. I have two object, both already exist in the CA and I just need to import a relationship between those two. How can I do that without creating new objects? Thanx, Aneta
Jun 22 2016 10:31
hello, anyone here?
Jun 22 2016 13:42
@anjulicz Depends on how your data is structured. I assume it's probably going to be an object mapping with existingRecordPolicy set to merge_on_idno and then for the far side you could have an object splitter with matchOn set to whatever you use to identify the object (probably idno?) and also dontCreate set to 1
Jun 22 2016 13:51
@eriwm No idea. What exactly are you trying to do again?
Jun 22 2016 14:27
Hello Stefan, I have updated the latest 1.7 develop and can upload pdfs using Add Representation in the object editor screen . The front page of the document appears in the Inspector Window but when I try to view the document by clicking on it I see nothing in the viewer. I can see the original document plus all pages in jpeg format in my media directory. I was advise earlier to run the reprocess-media but this made no difference so not sure where to look for a possible solution.
Jun 22 2016 17:39
It's possible that it's still broken. The viewer code got a major overhaul not too long ago
Jun 22 2016 19:13
Thanks, guess I will have to wait until its fixed.
Jun 22 2016 19:21
hi eriwm
with the viewer what do you see? just nothing at all? Or is there a black bar with the title and an "X" (close button) at the botton?
Jun 22 2016 21:41
@collectiveaccess I see the object id no in the bottom left hand corner, the close button X and small selection box in the bottom right hand corner both in the black bar and if I mouse over the top left hand corner I see the zoom and rotate controls and at the same time an empty window appears in the bottom right hand of the screen. Sorry If I don't always respond straight away but I am 6 hrs ahead of you timewise!! Eric