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Jul 2016
Jul 05 2016 11:51
@eriwm Yes, your profile doesn't validate against the schema. Your list storage_location_types has the entry cabinet twice. This is a constraint we recently added so it's possible that this error fell through the cracks before. Just remove one of the entries around line 2168 and it should install fine.
Jul 05 2016 13:21
@stefankeidel Thank you Stefan - now installing OK
Jul 05 2016 14:55
Hello again, If you have imported a hierarchical list which you later find to be incorrect and you delete it from system using the hierarchy browser does this deletion remove the whole hierarchy. If not what other way is there of doing this so the database does not get clogged up. In the past when I have used the first method and then reimported the list with corrections there seems to be a lot of duplicates in the list related tables.