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Aug 2016
Aug 01 2016 06:50
Hi, we currently have staff trialling our Providence system - users have been able to create sets by selecting searched objects, and then edit & delete via batch editing. However, they are unable to search for those sets back in Object > Search. See the top image in link for example: - you can see in the bottom image that the set definitely exists. Is there something I've missed in the set up? All elements relating to sets have been checked in Access Control so I'm not sure what the issue is.
Aug 01 2016 11:11
What version is this again? There were bugs around set searches in some versions but this should be fixed now
Offir Schramm
Aug 01 2016 13:23
ive filed and translate all words in messages.po.
how can i import this and change the UI now in my system?