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Aug 2016
Offir Schramm
Aug 06 2016 09:24
Hi Julia, i managed to find it at the end! thank you!
i have another one - MESSAGE.PO - i finnly translated all this file - after reading the documents on forums im not sure what to do next.
Q- how can i import the Messages.PO file to the system and see the UI in my language (i translated it to hebrew)
Offir Schramm
Aug 06 2016 11:57
update: so i managed to change it from System>preference, but now im getting "could not load language" on every page... anyone know how to fix this?
Aug 06 2016 20:54
@JCA3d , while this suggestion is not ideal, you might want to look into WAMP ( )
WAMP tends to be slow implementing security fixes which is why this suggestion is probably not the best idea ever; however, if you are running the program only on a local machine/network, it probably should not be a huge issue. (Please correct me if I am wrong.)
Windows 10 also recently released BASH for Windows (i.e. you can use Ubuntu Linux commands natively within Windows) which might be an alternative, but one I have not tried.
Aug 06 2016 21:18
Thank you, @sterlingjenson. I am only planning to run Provenance on my local machine, yes. I believe I have gotten Apache installed and shall continue on. Thanks for your help all the same.