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Aug 2016
Aug 08 2016 07:09
Hi, just regards to my query on August 1, would love some help with finding out if our Providence system needs updating or has a bug (v 1.6.1) - I am trying to get staff using the system but not being able to search by sets is holding people back from testing out the system - any help would be much appreciated.
Aug 08 2016 10:49
Ok; send me access and I'll take a look.
I'll be out on holiday for two weeks starting Friday, so let's try to resolve this this week!
Offir Schramm
Aug 08 2016 13:00
messages.po issue is fixed so no help needed regarding this
BUT i keep getting "Could not load language 'he_IL' after changing language in preferences... clearing cache solve it but when changing language again it keeps happening... any help will be highly appriciated
Aug 08 2016 14:06
Make sure you've also created a date parser translation file in app/lib/core/Parsers/TimeExpressionParser/
you'll see the files for the other languages in there. Clone one, change the entries to be valid for Hebrew, then save with the correct ISO code