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Aug 2016
Aug 09 2016 06:06
Hi @collectiveaccess I have sent you an email regarding accessing our system. Cheers :)
Kehan Harman
Aug 09 2016 06:45
Is it possible to get the search indexer to index the idno of the access field? It currently indexes the value of the associated list item from what I can see in the code.
Offir Schramm
Aug 09 2016 08:21
thanks @collectiveaccess - i iwll try that and let you know.
Offir Schramm
Aug 09 2016 08:55
im not quite sure what needs to be change on the .lang file...
Aug 09 2016 11:44
@kehh No, it only index value. We could add an indexing option to allow what you want though.
@0ffir_twitter You'll need a .lang file for Hebrew. Whether you want your dates in Hebrew or English or Italian is up to you. But there needs to be a .lang file with the he_IL ISO code, regardless of content