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Aug 2016
Kehan Harman
Aug 18 2016 02:19
Just letting everyone know that the Royal Western Australian Historical Society collection has just gone live in CollectiveAccess. View the research frontend here:
Kehan Harman
Aug 18 2016 03:08
Hey all. Is there any way to search for blank dates in attributes? I've just seen that there is [BLANK] which appears to work for text fields like this: ca_objects.idno:"[BLANK]"(
And reading a paragraph below that, this is probably covered by the count modifier (, available from 1.7.
Aug 18 2016 14:58
@kehh Great, would you like the project to be added to our official list of CA users?
[BLANK] is a value assigned to certain intrinsic fields when they are not set, such as preferred labels and identifiers (this wouldn't affect dates) - and unfortunately the count modifier is only tracked for relationships
have you tried ca_objects.mydate:null ?
Aug 18 2016 18:33
@kehh congrats on the launch!