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Aug 2016
Perry Roth-Johnson
Aug 25 2016 17:25
Hi, today my CA install started spitting out a proxy error, saying the proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server, could not handle the request GET, and the reason was an error reading from remote server ... any ideas? I'm running CA 1.6.1 on a Red Hat OpenShift server. I tried restarting the server and tidying up logs and temp files, but no dice.
weird, it just started working again
but this has been an intermittent problem that pops up every few days ... anyone else having the same issue?
Perry Roth-Johnson
Aug 25 2016 17:46
Aug 25 2016 18:55
@perryrothjohnson Glad you resolved the issue!
Aug 25 2016 23:51
please refer to these 2 pictures:

as you can see from the 1st pic, the location info below "Edit Art" (top left) is stuck to the previous location and not the current location. How do I fix this? We're using movement location tracking if that makes a difference. Thanks