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Sep 2016
Sep 04 2016 05:14
Thank you very much. I just knew I had missed something obvious.
Sep 04 2016 06:02
Hehe, I was going to ask about why I couldn't get a method to work. Then I discovered I was using dot notation instead of arrow... I chose my nym with care.
Sep 04 2016 08:53
Hi All, been away for 6 weeks and now trying to catch up with any new developments in 1.7. Did a git pull this morning and tried viewing an uploaded PDF document. I still have the same problem, which is that the viewer shows on the left hand side thumbnails of all the pages in the document but I cannot get them to open in the main screen. This still has a small rotating block in the middle. Is there possibly something wrong on my side or are you still working on this. Thanks .
Sep 04 2016 14:14
When finding sets I get this:
"PHP Warning: Missing argument 1 for BaseModel::find(), called in /providence/app/lib/core/BaseModel.php on line 10399 and defined in /providence/app/lib/core/BaseModel.php on line 10386"
Can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong with the call.