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Sep 2016
Sep 08 2016 07:23
Hi, Further to my earlier query regarding progress with 1.7 develop I obviously made an error with my version update. I have since corrected this and see that there is now a new version of the document viewer. I do however seem to have the same problem in that when I try to view a pdf document I cannot get the selected page to show in the main screen. I have attached a screen shot for info. Any advice would be appreciated thanks.
Sep 08 2016 13:22
@eriwm We are actively testing the new viewer - when did you last update version 1.7?
Sep 08 2016 15:33
@pinkfishies 5 September. I also noted that if I select (in media preferences) browser's (I am using Firefox) built in viewer 1.7 seems to default to its own viewer.