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Sep 2016
Sep 14 2016 13:49
I have an issue in setting value for ‘Remember last search or browse’ field in preferences. I want to set value of this field to "Clear previous search terms when performing a new search or browse". It displays save successful message when i update the value of this field, but still shows the old value i.e. "Retain previous search terms and results when performing a search or browse".
I am using Collective Access version 1.6.
Any clue how to solve this issue?
Sep 14 2016 17:17
Hello, on the translations again, the .po/.mo files have been updated on github (from transifex?), but not sure about the status of the transifex "source" .po resource itself, it might not be up-to-date with the latest code. Did you /could you push an updated po into tx?... Thanks.
Sep 14 2016 21:49
@yelto No I did not
@naeemmuhammad I am able to set the preference find on my 1.6 test system. Is the issue happening with all users or only certain logins?