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Sep 2016
Sep 18 2016 20:42
Hi - Is the Place Authority that appears in the hierarchal display when you select 'New Place" the same as the Place Authority that appears when you select Manage Lists and Vocabularies -Place hierarchies or are they two different lists? e.g If I add a new country using either method should that country appear in the other list under Place Authority -?
Sep 18 2016 22:13
@eriwm "New Place" creates a new place record (in the ca_places table). This defaults to a hierarchical interface since these records lend themselves to hierarchical nesting (ie California is part of the USA). The Lists & Vocabularies interface allows you to create new place types ie country, state, city etc which you can select when creating a new place record. Any other vocabularies you create will be created as "list items" (in the ca_list_items table) and are used as tags or subject headings