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Sep 2016
Kehan Harman
Sep 19 2016 05:35
There is also a list which allows you to create more than one place hierarchy - eg one for current international boundaries and one for medieval boundaries. But in my opinion generally one hierarchy is hard enough to maintain.
(the list is called Place Hierarchies I believe.)
Sep 19 2016 08:19
@pinkfishies and @kehh Thank you for your replies. I think the thing that was confusing me is that if I add in "place hierarchy - Australia and in the next level of the hierarchy- Victoria and then look in New Place I see Australia and Victoria in the same level. From this I deduct that if you want to have an hierarchal list of Australia and its Provinces and cities etc you have to compile this under New Place and not place hierarchies. If this be the case then how do you import a precompiled hierarchical list of Places. It seems not under "place hierarchies" Hope I have explained this clearly.
Kehan Harman
Sep 19 2016 08:24
Yes @eriwm you generally only want to have a single entry in Manage Lists & Vocabularies > Place Hierarchies, and what it's called will depend on your installation profile, but something like '[Profile name] Places Authority' (eg So you would add Australia & Victoria under New > Place, and similarly find them under Find > Places.
Kehan Harman
Sep 19 2016 09:43
Is it possible to bulk add records to the search indexing queue? Eg after running an import and not search indexing. I want to avoid doing a full reindex.
Sep 19 2016 10:01
@juliaweist I am going through all relationships to see if they are correct and will come back to you shortly, perhaps with screenshots to give you better idea how we have defined relationships.
Sep 19 2016 14:27
@naeemmuhammad sounds good
Sep 19 2016 18:14
@kehh You can reindex just a single table at a time