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Sep 2016
Sep 20 2016 09:24
Screenshot from 2016-09-20 11-05-59.jpg
@collectiveaccess Hi I have tried to solve the problem of missing hierarchical list in my editing screen and find the following - When adding a new metadata element and setting a restriction of 1 instance of the list per screen eg Type Restrictions objects, Tools, 1,1,0 The Usage in UI appears blank where I would expect it to be 1. The attached screen shot shows Uncategorised Objects as Usage in UI as 1, this metadata element was created by me. The Tool, Transport and Textile were also created by me using the same method but the Usage in UI is blank . Any advice would be appreciated.
Sep 20 2016 14:50
Is it possible to point caching to 'app/tmp' directory instead of 'app/tmp/collectiveaccessCache'? Currently the default caching (file) is creating files in 'app/tmp/collectiveaccessCache', whereas there was no such directory in versions upto 1.4.
We are using providence 1.6.1 and 1.6.2.
Sep 20 2016 15:50
@collectiveaccess . Apologies my error, it seems as though the Usage in UI will only change to 1 after you drag the element onto the Editor screen and restrict the display and not when you create the metadata element. I've got all 1s now. and all hierarchical lists.
Sep 20 2016 18:13
@kehh Yeah, it would be lovely to be able to specify a list or a range of ids in addition to the table to reindex (say caUtils rebuild-search-index ca_objects 120127-129392) to avoid having to reindex massive tables after indexing-off imports or raw sql data changes in the db.
Sep 20 2016 18:43
@naeemmuhammad No it's not