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Sep 2016
Kehan Harman
Sep 21 2016 01:14
@pinkfishies Thanks - I knew about that. My problem was that I've got loads of objects already indexed and I only wanted to index objects from the last import due to the amount of time it takes to do a full reindex. I've discoveredSearchIndexer->reindexRows() which seems to be working for me.
@naeemmuhammad if you're currently having issues with file permissions try using a different cache back-end such as redis - we've had good results with that.
Sep 21 2016 13:54
@juliaweist We have done so many tests, even installed version 1.6.2 but cannot eliminate relationship related issue. Would it be possible for you to have a brief look if i send you login information? This will be quite helpful to us and we will appreciate this. Thanks.
Sep 21 2016 16:36
Having trouble finding in documentation, but does Pawtucket2 work with Windows2012?
Sep 21 2016 16:47
Monday at 4am I got a notification from Google that it couldn't find a bunch of stuff on our Pawtucket installation. When I went to check it out, I discovered all of the files in our Pawtucket install were just gone. But I had a backup, so everything should be okay right? So I uploaded the files, recreated the symlink, and things are not quite right. See -- before I recreated the symlink, it was showing an error about the media not being properly configured. I thought perhaps it'd just take it a minute to see everything, so decided not to worry about it til todya. But no, it's seemingly connected to the database, but is not actually loading the images. What's more, something is amiss with the theme (which is just the default). This is Providence 1.6.2, and Pawtucket2 downloaded this morning (I was suspicious that maybe my backup wasn't the code we'd been running). What am I missing?
(When I follow the symlink from within my ftp client, it behaves as expected. But clearly it's not right, if you look at the location for an image.)