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Sep 2016
Kehan Harman
Sep 22 2016 01:14
@kaiall that looks like Apache (presuming you're using that) is serving data out of public_html/ I'd suggest looking at your setup.php and confirm that __CA_BASE_DIR__ and __CA_URL_ROOT__ match what you think they should. Are you using a shared hosting server or a server that is under your full control?
(that's assuming Pawtucket uses __CA_BASE_DIR__ and __CA_URL_ROOT__
Kehan Harman
Sep 22 2016 02:56
Has anybody else experienced an issue like this: ?
Sep 22 2016 03:46
Not me, but I know what I'm working on next :-)
@sshipley64 Anything that runs PHP 5.5 or better should be fine. Windows Server 2012 qualifies.
@naeemmuhammad Send me login info and I'll take a look on Friday
Kehan Harman
Sep 22 2016 04:41
Sep 22 2016 14:58
@collectiveaccess i have sent you an email at Thanks in advance for your help.
Sep 22 2016 16:13
@kehh Thanks for the feedback on the Place Authority question - looked at a few other profiles and set mine accordingly.
Sep 22 2016 16:24
@kehh -- We're on a shared hosting server ( in setup.php, CA_BASE_DIR and CA_URL_ROOT are both just set to what they were as the default in the setup. (i.e., define("CA_BASE_DIR", pathinfo(preg_replace("!/install|/viewers/apps!", "", $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']), PATHINFO_DIRNAME));
Ought I to change that?
Sep 22 2016 16:54
(And yes, Pawtucket uses CA_BASE_DIR and CA_URL_ROOT )
Actually, that helped me find the answer. CA_URL_ROOT was set differently in global.conf for Pawtucket. Changing that back to CA_URL_ROOT solved all of that.