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Oct 2016
Karl Becker
Oct 05 2016 08:12
Is anybody using pawtucket 2 and providence 1.7 productively? Are there any known downsides or problems associated with those development versions or are they known to be mostly stable? After upgrading both systems I have to say that we like pawtucket2 much better than the older version and would like to use it as our main system.
Oct 05 2016 10:49

Hi, i was wondering if it is possible to get some feedback on our question:

Actually we are planning to start using Pawtucket but first need to see its pros and cons, we have posted a question on forum in this regard.

Oct 05 2016 11:16
@kbecker87 Virtually all of the projects we work on use 1.7 and Pawtucket2. They are generally stable; we are working to handle a few outstanding issues (mostly around multipage document viewing) and then they'll be a proper release
Oct 05 2016 14:29
@collectiveaccess Would it be better to upgrade from 1.6 with regard to advanced boolean search weirdnesses such as PROV-1846, PROV-1791? Thx