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Oct 2016
Oct 14 2016 12:57
Hello, in the pawtucket2 develop branch, the function caRepresentationViewerHTMLBundle (no final "s"...) seems to be missing from displayHelpers.php, yet it is still called from getRepresentationViewerHTMLBundle in app/models/ca_object_representations.php and indirectly from various themes. Is this an oversight or should we look for a replacement to getRepresentationViewerHTMLBundle? Thx!
Oct 14 2016 20:17
A quick it possible to edit the field names in a default bundle like preferred_labels? Where can I do that in the web interface? I would like to add some text next to "Display name" for entity. Thanks!
Mike Benowitz
Oct 14 2016 21:01
@artvrc Yes, in the web UI you can do it from the Administration > User Interfaces screen. Chose the UI you'd like to edit and then the screen within the UI where the element occurs. There will be a "screen content" section there that displays all of the bundles in use, clicking the "i" icon will bring up options that allow you to set alternate labels and descriptive text to the bundle
Oct 14 2016 21:11
@mwbenowitz Thanks, usually that works for elements I made but I can't edit the field names of a default bundle there. I am trying to edit the text within the preferred Entity names bundle, which does not appear in the Metadata element editor either, because it's a default bundle.