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Oct 2016
Oct 17 2016 15:00
@artvrc When you say "I can't edit the field name" can you tell us a bit more about what is preventing the change? Do you see the bundle "Entity Entity names"? Do you see the clickable (i) icon?
@artvrc I just found your post on the forum. I'll answer this question there where the issue is described more fully.
Martha Graham Dance
Oct 17 2016 18:57
Hey guys getting this error "Could not connect to database. Check your database configuration in setup.php.
First time Ive seen it and its the other computers in the office too. Need this fixed asap, and how did it occur so we can attempt it not happening again
Oct 17 2016 18:58
Make sure the database is running on the server
Martha Graham Dance
Oct 17 2016 18:59
how do i do that?
Martha Graham Dance
Oct 17 2016 19:07
Oct 17 2016 19:57
@juliaweist Thanks for noticing my post on the forum but that is actually an unrelated question from this one. My question here was about "Entity Entity names" how I can add my own text next to the label "Display name" in the preferred label bundle. The bundle has Prefix, Forename, Surname, Display name, etc. by default. I want to add my own text next to these text or edit the mouse-over bubbles for these labels. This is to indicate a certain format for Display name for a cataloger (e.g. "Follow this format: Last name, First name (birth year-death year).")
Martha Graham Dance
Oct 17 2016 20:13