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Oct 2016
Lucy Saikhan
Oct 19 2016 00:43
@mwbenowitz Thank you Mike.So I could use all the element that I created under the ca_objects table
Do I need to do any refinery parameter since the format is same?
Mike Benowitz
Oct 19 2016 01:29
@lucybbs yes, provided that you also copied or re-created your CollectiveAccess system so that those elements also exist in the new system. And, if you truly want to run a straight import and do nothing to the data, then you don't need the refineries (though keep them in mind if you want to do anything like skip a field if its empty, etc.)
Lucy Saikhan
Oct 19 2016 01:31
some of the column have null data, so I will skip them in settings or under the mapping? @mwbenowitz Appreciate your detailed response.
One more thing, how do I make sure I am adding the field not replacing them? Thanks.
Karl Becker
Oct 19 2016 08:27

Hi, I’ve got a question concering the start page of Pawtucket2. When I go directly to index.php or click on the Logo in the upper left corner, I get the following error:

Errors occurred when trying to access /providence/frontend/index.php:
View does not exist

I don’t find the according view file – can somebody point me in the right direction?

Mike Benowitz
Oct 19 2016 13:32
@lucybbs you skip them in the mapping (See the options settings on this page: There is also a setting "existingRecordPolicy" for import mappings, if you set it to "merge" it will add your new data to existing records (it is also described on that wiki page)
Mike Benowitz
Oct 19 2016 13:47
@kbecker87 what theme are you using? in the views directory there should be a "Front" directory with a front_page_html.php file that index.php will point to
Oct 19 2016 16:45
@yelto I've ended up creating a bug report for the previously mentioned issue, hope it's ok. Thanks.