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Oct 2016
Oct 31 2016 15:37
Screenshot from 2016-10-31 17-31-48.jpg

I am using Ver 1.7 develop.
I am having a problem with my Related Entities Display in my Summary Screen.

  1. If I delete a related entity which has a relationship type the entity name and relationship are deleted but the brackets surrounding the relationship type remain (see screen shot). Is there a way to prevent the brackets from appearing?.

2.How can I populate my Object Editor Screen with several Related Entity Editors each with its own subset of relationship types? I have tried using Restrict to relationship types on each bundle but when I view Related Entities on my summary Screen All entities relationships seem to default to the first relationship selected. eg.
Acquisition Source - restricted to donor
Accessioner - restricted to accessioner
Digitiser - restricted to digitiser.

This results in all related entities on my summary screen appearing with relationship "donor".
I have seen one solution on the forum where the contributor suggested using the filter function to only display the desired relationships that can be chosen from the drop down list for a given relationship editor but this function (filter) seems to have been deleted from later versions of CA. Can a similar function be implemented using the "Relationship Display Template"?.