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Nov 2016
Nov 03 2016 01:19
I have a quick question. What does the default (in the VRACore based profile) "Related Objects" field look up? It does not seem to be working. Is it looking up the preferred label of Object title, or some other field of object records? Thanks!
Nov 03 2016 01:20
It should be looking on the full text of the object; but it ultimately depends upon how you have object searches configured
Nov 03 2016 14:10
@eriwm do those blank entities appear on the cataloging interface as well, or just the Summary display? If just on the summary display please include a screenshot of the (i) settings for that. Also, are you sure this isn't a caching issue?
Nov 03 2016 19:27
i setting.jpg
@juliaweist Blank entities do not appear in the cataloging interface. I am using Firefox and have preformed clear cache but brackets still visible. Screen shot of (i) settings for Related Entities in Summary Display screen attached.