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Nov 2016
Nov 11 2016 01:05
@kbecker87 Your quotes on that template appear to be messed up
@naeemmuhammad Does a collection with id 38 exist in your db?
Karl Becker
Nov 11 2016 09:47
@collectiveaccess I corrected the wrong quote at the <br> tag - the other quotes are exactly as they are in the example given here. It still doesn’t work
Nov 11 2016 10:39
Yes the collection exists. In-fact i find collection, get its id before using it in object creation api call.

Hello, everyone

I am trying to help organize two video game collection together, they have totally same format and columns that they using. And I created mapping for export first from one system and trying to import to another database and they have totally same format. I have attached sample dataset, and mapping that I created.
The metadata that I am using is in the export mapping. And other things other than video game element is extra stuff that system already generated, but we did not use it. So I have not included other things expect videogame elements.

The version that I am using is 1.6 providence.

But the error code is found no data. anyone could look at the mapping for me please? thank you so much.
I was trying to solve this problem for 1 month but I could not figure it by myself even look at the help form in wiki. Sorry for my low ability to understand. Hope someone could help. Thank you.
Nov 11 2016 20:55
Those screen shots are from a version much older than 1.6?