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Nov 2016
Nov 22 2016 13:50
Search Syntax question: how do I search for objects with no realted storage location
Nov 22 2016 20:03
Hi, I installed Providence with the EBUCore profile installation (i'm making the Archive of a TV channel). This profile have two types of object, Audio and Video, but i need to enter images and files. So, there's some way to add more object types? I tried to make it through the administration option, but i couldn't.
Nov 22 2016 20:19
@bowbot_twitter see here: for Searching on relationship counts
@juanulload You can add additional types under Manage > Administration > Lists & vocabularies > Object types or object_types in the profile. You'll need to also adjust your metadata elements and user interface restrictions accordingly
@lucybbs without access to your system it's hard to say if you updated correctly and/or what other issues might be present