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Nov 2016
Nov 23 2016 12:06
Hi! I’ve got a question concerning the map view in Pawtuckt2’s Object detail view: When more than one place is referenced, the zoom level of the map is far too close (see video here ) - how and where can I change it?
Nov 23 2016 16:05
Hi, I need some help to tackle an issue with invalid browse types in Pawtucket2. In order to add another advance search form (view) i followed the example given at:, and added 'artworks'. I can access the form and make successful searches, however beneath the search list and in the filter panel on the right side i get 'Invalid browse type artworks' error? Any help to solve this issue?
@collectiveaccess is there any answer to my question posted on Nov 10 regrading the collection relationship with objects? Thansk.