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Dec 2016
Kehan Harman
Dec 07 2016 01:44
@yelto add the object to a printing set, search by the set and then print. That way you can accumulate a number of objects to print. But you can use the summary templates in print and have a special case for a label display. But both pretty circuitous.
@artvrc @yelto you could try the relationshipGenerator plugin that we contributed a couple of years ago:
Dec 07 2016 11:44

@kehh thanks, yes, very circuitous for a simple "print this object's label". I've filed PROV-1940 as an enhancement request.
In the meanwhile, getting into the code of the summary templates and hijacking the content generation part is fairly easy. The issue is how to adjust the template size, which is read out of @-formatted comments and applies to all summaries. It is not immediately clear how to special-case it so real summaries keep their full-page size and summaries-turned-labels get their own smaller sizes. Any ideas?

@artvc @kehh relationshipGenerator, excellent, thanks.

@artvc Yes, CSV should be ok.