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Dec 2016
Bruno Duyé
Dec 22 2016 11:46
Thanks @juliaweist , just answered you.
=> I think there's a bug around dontCreate setting.
Dec 22 2016 19:10
How, in existing 1.63 installation, can I create a collection x storage locations relationship type? We have the storage locations hierarchy visible on our collections editor forms, but can't pick a relationship type and therefore can'
can't save. Relationships editor doesn't show collections x storage locations relationships.
Dec 22 2016 20:47
@rdobson1 Someone will chime in with the proper way to do this via profiles and the like, but in the meanwhile if you are both desperate enough and comfortable enough with databases, you might get unstuck quick and dirty by inserting a root_for_132 (with table_num=132) row into the ca_relationship_types table, by analogy with the other root_for_XXX rows already there. And then you should see that row reflected as a starting point for ca_collections_x_storage_locations relation types in the Relationship types editors, and go from there. (You should also rebuild the hierarchies from the maintenance page). Quick and very dirty, absolutely no warranty, use at your own risk!
Dec 22 2016 23:14
@yelto That does seem to have done the trick on our test site. Added the root_for_132 record, added an 'is located at' relationship type and successfully saved storage location to a collection. Thanks a bunch.\