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Jan 2017
Kehan Harman
Jan 23 2017 06:00
Is it possible to browse objects by attributes on related tables (For example browse artworks by the gender of the artist)? Didn't seem to be possible from reading browse.conf.
Jan 23 2017 14:18
Hi @kehh. You can do this:
gender = { type = attribute, element_code = gender, relative_to = ca_entities, group_mode = none, label_singular = _("gender"), label_plural = _("gender") }
Jan 23 2017 14:23
if you have multiple entities related to the object this may not be ideal because it will return any object with 1 or more relationships to an entity that meets that gender criteria.
Nathan Kemler
Jan 23 2017 15:35
I need some help getting a view set up for the LCSH on Pawtucket. Right now I have the terms linked but I don’t have a detail view in Pawtucket created. Are there any templates for this page in existence already?