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Jan 2017
Lucy Saikhan
Jan 31 2017 00:56

How are you all,

The project I mentioned before still did not finish yet. we plan to merge two separate collective access together. After I have exported data file, it was all flipped over and messed up. I have no clue why the column was not match with the metadata. if anyone could help me check the data form that I attached here that would be wonderful. Thank you so much.


Kehan Harman
Jan 31 2017 01:30
@kbecker87 OK that sounds like you might be able to influence what goes into the fifth column using linked_data.conf. I'm unsure what the display template syntax would be to get the extra info.
@kbecker87 there's also caUtils reload-service-values which you would need to run to populate the data in the attribute once you've changed linked_data.conf.
Jan 31 2017 07:38
@juliaweist Thanks !
Jan 31 2017 15:01
Just upgraded to Providence 1.6.3 and using the current Master from pawtucket 2: not able to get images to display in the media overlay (zoom) in pawtucket. They work fine in Providence, but its blank in Pawtucket
Jan 31 2017 21:00
Hi @lucybbs what steps did you take to create this csv file?
Jan 31 2017 23:10
Hi, Could you please advise my of the correct command for downloading (cloning) the latest version of 1.7 dev. I have used git clone git as advised in a previous post but get vers 1.6.3. Thanks
Jan 31 2017 23:17
You need to designate a different branch besides the main release.
I think the command is -B "develop" or what ever branch you want to use