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Feb 2017
Feb 09 2017 08:24
Hello !
I'm trying to build a plugin to set a metadata (source_id) according to another metadata (MTD_RIR_Assign) to bypass the source display issue from perform_source_cheking (see for the details). I can get the MTD_RIR_Assign value but i can't set it to the source_id with the plugin. I'm a real newbie in PHP so if someone could help me with this it would be great !
Here is the code :
public function hookSaveItem(&$args) {
    $item = $args["instance"];
    $type = $va_type_list[$vn_type_id];

    $OrigSource = $item->get("source_id");
    $Attribution = $item->get("ca_objects.MTD_RIR_Assign");
    $item -> set("source_id", $Attribution);
Feb 09 2017 08:30
I used the hookSaveitem to get the saved value and not the one before modification (which i get when using the hookBeforeSaveItem). The two metadata are using the same list (object_source) so the values are the same so I don't need any condition to adjust them.
Feb 09 2017 11:09
Hi, I have a question regarding the ‘Free Text’ (full text) search field in Pawtucket2 basic search. The field is defined as ‘{{{_fulltext%width=210px&height=25px}}}’, which generates a rich text editor. Is it possible to make it a normal text field? We want to make search when user presses ‘Enter’, with rich text field it breaks the line.