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Feb 2017
Feb 15 2017 14:22
We need some help In getting correct/specific search results in Pawtucket2. For example title field in basic search form is defined as “Title:{{{}}}”
When we make a search for this field (let say ‘Mars’) it returns many objects (perhaps related). Whereas there exists only one object with title ‘Mars’. We tried to use single and double quotations, but no success. Any help in this regard?
Feb 15 2017 19:46
Hi - suddenly today I can't edit Entities at all. I first noticed when I tried to Quick Add, and the pop-up window came up completely blank. When I try to look at an Entity record, it's also blank. Other modules are working fine. I have tried 4 different browsers and 2 computers, same result. Is this our issue or is this happening to other people?
Feb 15 2017 19:47
@jwerner17 check the access control permissions for the log-in you are using. Do they have access to the entity UI editor screens?
Feb 15 2017 19:48
Yes, I'm an administrator, and I double-checked to make sure nothing had been changed for administrator access
Feb 15 2017 23:12
@jwerner17 It's your issue... could be permissions or maybe someone is messing with the database. I'd try logging in as another user and see if that makes a difference
@naeemmuhammad Check out you're indexing preferred labels
If you so that search on the back-end does you get the same (too inclusive) results?