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Feb 2017
Feb 19 2017 00:17
@bhoggard_twitter, I hope I am understanding your question correctly. I found it easy to create a several different installations of C/A on a server, so I would recommend trying out a few different installation profiles.
Barry Hoggard
Feb 19 2017 00:30
OK, thanks. I just realized I signed up with my twitter account instead of my github. I'll switch it now.
Barry Hoggard
Feb 19 2017 00:35
OK back on.
Feb 19 2017 01:00
Welcome back.
Feb 19 2017 01:09
sorry for the typo.
If you have not used C/A before, I want to emphasize that the devs tried to make it highly customizable. I find that I like elements from one profile that is not in the one I want to use.
For instance the dublin core profile did not have a condition report section, so I developed a whole section to record conditions of the items
Feb 19 2017 21:06
Hi, im tyring to import word documents into CA, I have LibreOffice 5.2 installed and configured in the CA settings file. When I do a import of a *.docx file i get a popup from LibreOffice saying: "Cant start the program. Configurationfile bootstrap.ini is damaged" Any ides on what may be the problem? (Im running on a windows 10 machine)