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Feb 2017
Kehan Harman
Feb 21 2017 01:45
@eriwm I believe you need the PHP zip extension enabled on your machine:
On Ubuntu you can install this using apt install php-zip.
@kehh Hi Kehan, thanks for your reply. I have installed and I can now upload .xls and see a thumbnail in my object editor. I cannot see page previews in the viewer which is probably related to these errors which are now showing up. Hope the Errors.doc is readable. Any help would again be much appreciated Eric.
Feb 21 2017 14:05
@kehan, scratch the above I have done a git clone of the latest 1.7dev and tried to install now system is broken I will have to investigate this problem before worrying about media uploads.
Feb 21 2017 16:52
@kehh Seems like I broke something in PHP7 when I installed I have re-installed everything and can now upload and view .xls files but .ppt still does not work. I have switched on display errors in php but nothing shows up. Trying to upload .ppt results in ca screen disappearing from browser and thats where it ends. Any ideas?
Feb 21 2017 23:56
Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 1.55.41 PM.png
@juliaweist It is ca_entities.preferred_labels that gets cut off after a comma.
@juliaweist As for ca.entities.Entity_source_menu you pointed out that it's incorrect, I thought I entered the list item identifier that I wanted to be chosen correctly (according to, it says " You can also set a constant data value, rather than a mapping, by setting the rule type to "Constant" and the Source column as the value or list item idno from your CollectiveAccess configuration. "). So I entered the list item idno for "VRACore entity list (Local)". It still won't get imported, though.