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Mar 2017
Kehan Harman
Mar 02 2017 02:30
@gotlandsmuseum that could be due to any number of reasons. It might be that you have out of process search indexing disabled:, or you might be trying to process any uploaded files within the web request rather than through the CA Queue system. Experiment with enabling the queue: Alternatively it might be that your MySQL server hasn't been tuned for production use and the requests just can't be processed in time. The limit is set by the max_execution_time directive in php.ini, and you can increase that incrementally to see how long you need for the request to finish. Ensure that you restart apache / php-fpm after changing php.ini.
If you enable the queue you'll have to enable a cron job to process the queue.
Kehan Harman
Mar 02 2017 07:53
It is possible to add a browse facet listing relationship types but not the items from the target of the relationship? My use case here is I want to browse to find entities who have been an Artist / Etcher, Collaborating Artist, etc.
I'm thinking maybe the has type will work for this?
Karl Becker
Mar 02 2017 08:59
Hi there! Could anybody help me out with an example mapping for importing a hierachical vocabulary list? I’ve tried using the listItemHierachyBuilder many time and never got it to work in any way… It would be great to see just a small working example which I could use as a blueprint for my own mapping! Thanks!