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Mar 2017
Mar 14 2017 01:48
Another question... my Data import has stopped taking the importer. It says "uploaded 0 worksheet; skipped 1 worksheet". Until an hour ago, I was uploading the same importer fine. I tried deleting the old importer, restarting the browser, re-login to CA, but no luck. I don't see the object importer there anymore. What can I do?
Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 3.43.14 PM.png
Kehan Harman
Mar 14 2017 02:41
@artvrc If you want the hyperlink you should use the following:
 {{{<ifdef code="ca_entities" restrictToRelationshipTypes="creator"><H6>Creator</H6><unit restrictToRelationshipTypes="creator" relativeTo="ca_entities"><l>^ca_entities.preferred_labels.displayname</l></unit><br/></ifdef>}}}
Also make sure that the entity record is marked as accessible to public as pawtucket checks access restrictions.
Unsure about the importer issue - take a look at the import log and see if you can find anything.
Mar 14 2017 02:52
@kehh Thanks! Is it possible to make list items hyperlinked on Pawtucket, too? Such as:
{{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.culturalContextSet.culturalContext_local"><H6>Culture Terms (local)</H6>^ca_objects.culturalContextSet.culturalContext_local<br/></ifdef>}}}
Kehan Harman
Mar 14 2017 02:56
Also check whether the import has any existingRecordPolicy ( that might cause this or one of the Skip options from Finally the importer remembers your options from the previous import so try:1) Checking the import form for 'import all worksheets', 2) logging out and back in or 3) Creating a new user to run the imports. Alternatively try to run the import using caUtils from the command line.
Mar 14 2017 03:47
@eriwm Just send you an email and committed a change to suppress the notice you were seeing
Mar 14 2017 16:26
@collectiveaccess Thanks received ok.
Mar 14 2017 19:35
@artvrc make sure the mapping is saved on the first sheet. If it's on another sheet it won't upload