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Mar 2017
Kehan Harman
Mar 15 2017 01:39
Is it possible to get a hierarchy / use a <unit/> for list attribute values (or any AuthorityAttributeValue for that matter)?
Kehan Harman
Mar 15 2017 02:54
Also do AuthorityAttributeValues have any support for restrictToTypes in the definition of the attribute in a similar manner to relationship type UI / Display?
Mar 15 2017 09:56
@collectiveaccess @juliaweist We have some trouble in displaying correct information on object detail page in Pawtucket2. For all object to object relationship fields, display template that we used shows information for both objects (host and related object). Is there any way that we may display value of the field only from the related object, not from both? Let say we want to display the preferred_labels field, when we use the following templates, preferred labels from both objects are shown. Whereas we want only to show the preferred label of the related object.
{{{<unit relativeTo="ca_objects_x_objects" restrictToRelationshipTypes="r77300">^ca_objects.preferred_labels</unit>}}}
{{{<unit relativeTo="ca_objects_x_objects" restrictToRelationshipTypes="r77300">^ca_objects.related.preferred_labels</unit>}}}
Mar 15 2017 13:55
@kehh re: AuthorityAttributeValue/restrictToTypes: not specifically but you could use "filter" to achieve the same goal
it's an attribute bundle setting:
re; hierarchy/unit I'm not sure what you mean. Can you provide an example?
Mar 15 2017 14:03
@naeemmuhammad get rid of the _x_objects. <unit relativeTo="ca_objects">^ca_objects.related.preferred_labels</unit>