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Mar 2017
Kehan Harman
Mar 28 2017 07:21
@collectiveaccess do you know whether CA works with the 5.x version of ElasticSearch?
Karl Becker
Mar 28 2017 07:34
Hi! Sorry to be bothering again but we are going mad as we still are unable to import hierarchical list items with nonpreffered labes attached 🙁 This can’t be too complicated, can it? Using the listItemHierachyBuilder we succeed in importing a hierarchical list but we need at least two alternate (non-preffered) labes for synonyms. How do you archive this? Please see our post in the CA Forum ( Thank you!
Kehan Harman
Mar 28 2017 09:13
@kbecker87 the listItemSplitter (along with the other *Splitter refineries) support a nonPreferredLabels setting, but I don't think that that allows you to specify the label type. This might be something that might need to be added to the refineries. Look in app/refineries and see if you can see anything in there.
Mar 28 2017 21:13
@kbecker87 @kehh I just double-checked a recent mapping I did where I was importing to nonpreferred labels and Kehan is correct. "nonPreferredLabels" is the proper syntax for the refinery parameter. I'm not actually sure if there is support for setting Type from a refinery.