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Mar 2017
Kehan Harman
Mar 29 2017 01:27
Just answered my own question. CA uses elasticsearch-php 2.x which works for ElasticSearch 2.x
Karl Becker
Mar 29 2017 07:21
@kehh @ThunderTurtles Thanks for your answers! We will be importing a plain hierarchical list then without any extra labels. I found that it is possible to import those as a csv into ca_list_item_labels – you just need to match the labels with the item_id of the list item. This should work for us this one time 😉
Mar 29 2017 13:37
Hi, I have a nother question. I am trying to import word documents .docx. Im running on a windows machine and i have got it to work when im using providence-1.5.3 but not when im using the providence-1.6.3 build. I have them installed on the same machine, using the same external_applications.conf file but in the 1.5 version i get nice PDF files but in the 1.6 version i only get white placeholders for the file. The external app conf is:

Path to Ghostscript binary ("gs" command) (

ghostscript_app = C:\gs\bin\gswin32c.exe

Path to ffmpeg binary (

ffmpeg_app = /usr/bin/ffmpeg

Path to qt-faststart binary [part of ffmpeg] (

qt-faststart_app = /usr/local/bin/qt-faststart

Path to dcraw binary (

dcraw_app = /usr/bin/dcraw

Path to directory containing ImageMagick binaries (

imagemagick_path = C:\ImageMagick

Path to GraphicsMagick binary (

graphicsmagick_app = C:\GraphicsMagick\gm.exe

Path to pdftotext binary (part of the xpdf package from

pdftotext_app = /usr/bin/pdftotext

Path to abiword binary (

abiword_app = /usr/bin/abiword

Path to LibreOffice binary (

libreoffice_app = c:\LibreOffice5\program\soffice.exe

Path to CoreImageTool (

coreimagetool_app = /usr/local/bin/CoreImageTool

Path to MediaInfo binary (

mediainfo_app = /usr/bin/mediainfo

Path to directory containing PDFMiner ( scripts

pdfminer_app = /usr/bin/

Path to ExifTool binary (

exiftool_app = /usr/bin/exiftool

Path to PhantomJS (

phantomjs_app = /usr/local/bin/phantomjs

Path to wkhtmltopdf (

wkhtmltopdf_app = /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf

Any tips would be much welcome!