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Mar 2017
Mar 30 2017 11:07
What i have found is that the soffice.exe (the exe of libreoffice5) is not responding . If i kill it twice in the TaskManger i get a upploaded file but no PDF representation Icon ..
Mar 30 2017 12:16
Hello everyone,
I'm trying to change the allowed number of titles in the basic screen of the standatrd object editor (now it allows the title to show up only twice) . Is it possible to change that?
Mar 30 2017 12:34

Hi agin, Can someone please explain to me where this line wants to read the file (what directory)

--headless --convert-to pdf:writer_pdf_Export \"-env:UserInstallation=file:///tmp/LibreOfficeConversion${USER}\" ".caEscapeShellArg($this->filepath)." --outdir ".caEscapeShellArg($vs_tmp_dir_path).(caIsPOSIX() ? " 2>&1" : ""), $va_output, $vn_return);

Mar 30 2017 13:09
OK,just realized it was just a question of number of locales choosen for cataloguing.
Mar 30 2017 13:31
Hi again, just anwsered my own question, if i remove this part:
from the import string in Office.php:
exec($this->ops_libreoffice_path." --headless --convert-to pdf:writer_pdf_Export \"-env:UserInstallation=file:///tmp/LibreOfficeConversion${USER}\" ".caEscapeShellArg($this->filepath)." --outdir ".caEscapeShellArg($vs_tmp_dir_path).(caIsPOSIX() ? " 2>&1" : ""), $va_output, $vn_return);
I get the import to work in a windows enviroment.
If someone from @collectiveaccess Development team can explain to me what that part of the code does i would be a happy camper!
Mar 30 2017 13:43
@murchmurch great!
@expilo yes, we only allow one preferred label per record, per locale