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Apr 2017
Apr 07 2017 07:52
@murchmurch Not an answer to your question, but for what it's worth, faced with a similar situation (one-time massive media ingest on windows) we ended up doing the processing on a Linux box with proper php-to-{gm,ffmpeg,etc} extensions and moving the db and the resulting media files over to Windows. Not the most elegant way but much faster overall in our case. YMMV.
Apr 07 2017 08:29
@yelto My Linux skills are quite poor. Any possability you have some tips on how to set up a Linux Machine, What linux Distribution, how to easiest setup a apache, php , mysql (on windows im using XAMPP to get the enviroment upp and running).
Apr 07 2017 17:04
@murchmurch Which Linux Distribution to use is always a difficult question because it all comes down to personal preference. From what I have seen of different distributions installing Apache2 is easy.
Apr 07 2017 17:12
I would look into either Linux Mint, Ubuntu, or Fedora. While I have not tried it, elementaryOS might also be a good gateway into the world of Linux.
Perhaps create a couple virtual boxes to try out the different varieties to see which one you like the best. Also, to add to the confusion, you can also change the windows manager
Apr 07 2017 17:18
so that you can have the backbone of one system and the look of another.
Apr 07 2017 20:51
I am using the Ubuntu LAMP server which I think is the equivalent to WAMPP - installs apache, mysql and php - easy to install and works fine.