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Apr 2017
Apr 08 2017 17:14
Thanx @eriwm and @sterlingjenson I now have a working ubuntu php 7.0 system upp and running with 1.6.3. Now the question is how do i get gmagic php plugin to work. Any pointers?
Apr 08 2017 18:18
first install graphicsmagick, then install pecl
@murchmurch I believe the command will be simply sudo apt install pecl
then once PECL is installed you can run sudo pecl install gmagick which will throw back an error; however, the error will tell you which release candidate to use.
which should be something like sudo pecl install gmagick-2.0.4RC1
Apr 08 2017 21:52
These are the steps I followed to install the php extension
  1. sudo apt install php-pear
    2 .sudo apt install php7.0-dev graphicsmagick libgraphicsmagick1-dev
  2. sudo pecl install gmagick-2.0.4RC1
  3. You then need to edit /apache2/php.ini and add the following line ( scroll down and look for the extensions section)
    Hope this helps.