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Apr 2017
Apr 14 2017 09:43
Hi, we have some trouble in importing data via command line utility in collective access. Data which is in an excel (xlsx) sheet contains about two hundred thousands lines. It seems that data importer first loads all rows, prepare them and finally pushes data into database at the end. In our case, this means all two hundred thousands lines are to be read before importing them. Apparently data importer shows that it requires two days to import data, which means only after two days data will be pushed to the database. Is there any way that we may configure data importer in such a way that it processes(read and push into database) only one (or a few) line at a time? Thanks.
Apr 14 2017 13:08
@juanjullianf_twitter Set CA_DB_HOST in your setup.php file to; that might wrok
@naeemmuhammad The PHP_Excel library we use to read the input file reads the entire file into memory. Not much we can do about it.
If you need to "stream" data then convert the Excel file to tab or CSV and import that.
Apr 14 2017 16:33
@collectiveaccess Hi, I have problem with the Providence 1.7 rc after upgrading from 1.63. Looks like it doesn't read the style-sheets or some other problem with the Providence default theme.
Apr 14 2017 17:40
@yosarian6 you probably have a cached version of the old style sheet. Clear your browser cache/history and try again?
Apr 14 2017 17:52
@juliaweist I cleared cache but it did not help
Apr 14 2017 19:01
What is set under "User interface theme" within Preferences > General?
What is set in app.conf under theme = , themes_directory = , themes_url = , and views_directory =?
Apr 14 2017 19:09

@juliaweist It looks like all settings is by default, so under "User interface theme" is set "CollectiveAccess default theme" and in app.conf is set

theme to use when user is not logged in (when they're logged in their preferred theme is used)

theme = default
themes_directory = <ca_base_dir>/themes
themes_url = <ca_url_root>/themes
views_directory = <themes_directory>/<theme>/views

Apr 14 2017 19:11
What about the theme info in setup.php?
Apr 14 2017 19:15

@juliaweist Also looks like all is set by default:

Path to CollectiveAccess 'themes' directory containing visual presentation elements

if (!defined("CA_THEMES_DIR")) {
define("CA_THEMES_DIR", CA_BASE_DIR."/themes");

Now that we have CA_APP_DIR set we can load our request helpers - very basic functions we need to set up request handling


Name of theme to use for this request

if (!defined("CA_THEME")) {
define("CA_THEME", 'default');

Root-relative URL path to 'themes' directory

if (!defined("CA_THEMES_URL")) {
define("CA_THEMES_URL", CA_URL_ROOT."/themes");

Directory and URL paths to current theme

if (!defined("CA_THEME_DIR")) {
if (!defined("CA_THEME_URL")) {